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All About Community

The Food Forest Garden Club is an online community of real people growing amazing, delicious, and interesting foods. It is about minimizing your trips to the grocery store and making the most of your time in the garden. Here you'll connect with other gardeners and meet new friends - people who are preparing, preserving, and propagating the foods they grow. Join us for live video meet-ups, discussion forums, contests and activities. We can't wait to meet you!





We'd Love to Meet You!


Only $3/month* (or less!)

Please consider joining us on our live online meetups and other gardening adventures! We deliver the website and online meetups, but it's you who make it fun! We will start out small, with meetups, a forum, events, and videos, but as we grow we will offer more benefits - which you can help us envision!

Our membership is currently only $3 per month, with a hefty discount for yearly members.

All activities are optional. While all meetups, videos, and contests will be free, other activities may be expensive to run and, therefore, require additional costs to join. We will always keep these events as affordable as possible!


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